2019-September Funeral Planner

Highlights of new features, system improvements and issues corrected in this release

  • New functionality: Several administrative costs can be added to a package (PB-218)
  • New functionality: Added possibility to reset password for administrators (OMP-1675)

  • New functionality: Added possibility to swap products from summary page (OMP-1624)

  • New functionality: Show/hide menu options that are hidden for end-user (OMP-1629)
  • Bugfix: Music player now loads on iPhone (PB-605)

  • Bugfix: Death notice preview from Summary page is now loading correctly (OMP-2395)

  • Bugfix: Package selection now works in Internet Explorer and Edge browsers (OMP-2158)
  • Bugfix: Date picker is now working correctly in Internet Explorer browser (OMP-1754)
  • Improvement: Summary print is structured in a better way (OMP-1728)
  • Improvement: Price will be invisible if set to zero (OMP-2105)
  • Improvement: 'Send order' button always to be placed in last page (OMP-2396)
  • Improvement: Less dominating cost presentation ("Your choices") (OMP-2103)