2019-June Our Memorial Pages & Funeral Edition

Highlights of new features, system improvements and issues corrected in this release

Our Memorial Pages

  • New functionality: Page for buying memorial books in The Netherlands only (OMP-371)
  • Improvement: Text and menu changes for greetings and candle/heart on mobile (OMP-1075)
  • Improvement: Donation/publish greeting on condolence page, text/layout improvements (OMP-1065)
  • Improvement: Family admin can select whether greetings from donations/flowers shall be published (OMP-1050)
  • Improvement: Switched to Call2Action buttons ("Buy") on flowers (OMP-984)
  • Improvement: In the portal, the deceased's name is now clickable, routing to the memorial page (OMP-756)

Funeral Edition

  • Improvement: Possible to delete death notice from overview (OMP-1020)
  • Improvement: Moved 'Fetch verse' button (OMP-845)
  • Improvement: Funeral advisor can be selected from list of employees for order (OMP-560)
  • Improvement: Added link to Adstate Academy in FE Admin (FE-371)
  • Improvement: Active death notice is marked with green color (OMP-1022)