How can I change the company settings for my Funeral Planner?

1. Login to Your Adminstrationpanel (Your account details will be provided by Adstate)

1.a. P1

2. Go to menu ‘Company settings’

3. Upload your company logo

4. Upload a background picture

5. Change the colours of your funeral planner

1.a. P2 def

5.a. Check it live on your Funeral planner

1.a. P4 (5.a.)

Explanation 6 - 12

2.a. P3

6. Email sender: choose the email address that is used for the confirmation email. When an order is created on your Funeral Planner, the ‘creator’ will receive a confirmation email;,, Thank you for your order on our Funeral Planner…”

7. Simple ad generator: check the box if you want to show only symbols and poems in Death notice product.

8. Office dropdown visible: check the box if you have more than one office. Please contact to set all branches of your company.

9. Cookie Policy visible: the cookie policy is activated by default. In the case you have your own cookie policy installed you can turn it off. Please note: no cookie policy installed is in breach with the GDPR regulations. Please contact for help.

10. Provider of Chat-solution: please enter the name of the chat solution you will use. Do you need help with a chat-solution? Please contact

11. Chat script: Please registered the chat-script (also known as widget code) into the textbox.

1.a. P5

12. Title text: Please enter your title text. This text contains ‘keywords’ for search engine optimisation. It is shown on your top screen and in visible when creating a Bookmark (Favourite) of your Funeral Planner.

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