How can I create a product type?

A product type is 'a format' in which in you will upload your products

1. Go to ‘Product types’

2. The Adstate software offers you pre-designed ‘standard' products types

3. Is a product type missing? Create a new product type by clicking on ‘Add new’

4. Add 'Menu title': name of the product type eg. Coffins, Prints, Transport etc.

5. Select characteristics* of this product type. ,,What information would you like to present?"

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* 5. Characteristics

  • Product page description
  • Product description: ability to present a description of the products
  • Image: ability to upload pictures of the products
  • Price: ability to present the price of the products
  • Categories: ability to create categories, in which you can organize your products
  • Customer select a max. : check the box if the customer is allowed to only select 1 product
  • Customer selects multiple: check the box if the customer is allowed to select multiple items per product. Eg. the ability to select more flower bouquets at flowers.